Whether you’re seeking certified compliance, a move to the cloud, infinitely retained disaster recovery backups or a way to seamlessly work outside your offices while staying fully connected, we’ve got you covered.

We thoroughly interrogate all business requirements and match them to your IT requirements to create and IT plan based on robust, proven technologies to provide you peace of mind.

Compliance is an important part of your business and we take it seriously.  From ISO to GDPR, we can help you get compliant and put processes in place to ensure you stay compliant.

Financial Conduct Authority
Cyber Essentials

A serverless infrastructure can replace your existing server-based services, often removing the additional headaches of patching and licensing those systems.  We can help you replace part or all of your infrastructure with solutions that are tailored to match or exceed the services provided by your traditional configuration.

A reliable backup is one of the most important parts of a successful system and is a requirements of any business. Disaster Recovery (DR) is suited to businesses that need to guarantee their service availability.

We provide on-premise and cloud solutions to suit any business.

Our cutting-edge 3CX VOIP solutions use the latest 3CX software (leading telephony vendor), providing you a single, complete solution which includes call plans, phone lines, number porting and more.

Sit back and wait for the phone to ring or start marketing to thousands. No matter if you’re in the office, car, home, bar or beach our solution has you covered.

Whether you need hardware, software or user licenses, we manage your licensing with one simple monthly payment rather than having you worry about renewals and paying multiple vendors.  Our simple monthly payment makes your IT budget easy to manage.

Whether it’s a corporate website for your business, members management, or selling your goods and services online, reliability, speed and cost are pivotal to your bottom line.  We can help ensure your customers have an excellent experience on your website by making sure the hosting solution is built-for-purpose, performant and cost-effective.

Fixatex Ltd.
"Adam and his team at Host-Logic are brilliant, quick response to technical issues, good advice and always on hand to provide support and advice when needed. They also helped in transition from a very basic IT infrastructure to Office 365."
Robert Candler
Chief Executive
Fixatex Ltd.
Landmark aerial photo


This construction company’s need for better security and a sustainable growth model prompted their move to the cloud. We helped Landmark with their overall IT strategy and migration efforts.
Anna Valley - James Bond Spectre premiere

Anna Valley

As the leading provider of audio-visual technology, Anna Valley continues to push the boundaries of any IT strategy. Host Logic has been pivotal in enabling Anna Valley to grow seamlessly with a scalable and sustainable IT plan.