Information is a valuable commodity and should be backed up regularly.  This is not only true for your servers, but also extends to your end-users.

Depending on your needs, we’ll leverage your existing licensed products to provide you the best integrated backup solutions that fit within your licenses.  If you have special requirements, we can help you choose and configure the right backup solution.

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Standard Cloud-based backup limitations

Did you know that most cloud-based SaaS solutions, like Microsoft 365, only provide you disaster-recovery backup, and does not include retention as a standard? Furthermore, the disaster-recovery backups are only around for a certain period of time. This means that even though your entire intranet, email and conversations are backed up on a regular basis, you are not protected against accidental or malicious data loss.

Imagine that a user unknowingly or accidentally deletes a mission-critical, signed contract. This file goes into your intranet’s recycle bin for 30 days, after which is permanently deleted. Your disaster-recovery backups save it for an additional 30-days, after which it is also deleted from there permanently. This gives you 60 days to discover the accidental deletion until that file is gone forever. If you catch it within 60 days, this is not a problem yet, but most missing files, especially in archives are not discovered missing until months or years after permanent deletion.

0 days
in the recycle bin with standard restore
0 days
to recover data after recycle bin
0 days
before data is unrecoverable
all or nothing data restore (not granular)

Host Logic’s granular, retention-based backup solution

Our solutions allow you to go back months or even years into the past to find these files (depending on factors such as retention policies).

Keeping data safe is as important as removing data after you are no longer supposed to be in possession of. Having data in your systems that are past their expiration may be harmful during audits.

Most data retention policies cover anything from 7 to 40 years. We ensure that data is deleted as soon as retention periods are met to ensure old data never gets in the way of your business.

in the recycle bin with standard restore
0 yrs.
to granularly recover any file (standard)
0 yrs.
for longer retention with granular recovery
granular file recovery of 1 or more files

A reliable backup is one of the most important parts of a successful system and is a requirements of any business. Disaster Recovery (DR) is suited to businesses that need to guarantee their service availability.  We provide on-premise and cloud solutions to suit any business.