Company Background

Anna Valley provides audio-visual technology and expertise to corporate and broadcast markets and their agencies for every kind of show.

Whether you’re showing off your new products, creating show-stopping entertainment or showing the way to the car park, Anna Valley enables every show, in whatever form it takes, to realise the ambitions of its demanding creators and earn the delight of its deserving audiences.

"Approachable, knowledgeable and great to deal with. Their response times to IT Support queries is always very fast and Adam is constantly suggesting new ways of improving our system. Highly recommended."
Jenny Bigrave
Human Resources
Anna Valley

Project Background

Anna Valley merged with Matrix in Jan 2018. Expanded own offerings but not without technical hurdles.  Both were in their own Office 365 tenants and utilising separate phone and email systems.  The merger prompted the move to a single, unified Office 365 tenant, a single phone system and shared server infrastructure.

Host Logic merged the 2 Office 365 environments and provided email migration services.  We also utilized cloud infrastructure for a globally available, unified 3CX phone system which serves the entire company and can be utilized on phones in the office as well as devices in the field.  The chosen system also provides seamless screen-sharing abilities as well as virtual meeting spaces which can be used in conference rooms, computers and mobile-devices.

Purpose-Built IT Infrastructure

We rearchitected and reworked Anna Valley’s entire infrastructure plan for existing hardware from the ground up to drastically increase efficiency and performance while minimizing additional hardware cost by reusing as much of the existing IT infrastructure as possible.

Working closely with Anna Valley’s technical infrastructure team, Host Logic was able to integrate new server infrastructure to work together and expand Anna Valley’s technology offerings.

Modernised Communications

Host Logic modernized Anna Valley’s phone systems to better support their business needs with an enhanced telephony platform.  We leveraged an existing ISDN system and transformed it into a modern, unified communication VoIP platform, allowing staff to work inside and outside the business with the same ease.  This globally connected solution saves money and provides huge time-savings for staff.

New Equipment Transforms the Face of the Business

Anna Valley’s growth in 2018 and 2019 resulted in new technical requirements as well as more staff.  Sourcing reliable laptops with the features that suit each individual’s job roles was pivotal to the long-term success while maintaining low overhead (versus a one-device-fits-all policy).

Engineers work in many different lighting conditions, from dark spaces to direct sunlight while setting up lighting panels, so the need for brightness control, a long-lasting shell and backlit keyboard are key.  Host Logic provided engineers with lightweight, robust laptops with magnesium-shell, backlit keyboards and a gloss screens, which allows them to work effectively on the device in many lighting conditions since they work in the dark or in direct sunlight quite often.

The cost per unit is a bit higher than what you’d expect from a normal business productivity machine, but the long-term savings in robustness and user-time, makes the cost worthwhile.

A great byproduct of providing work-appropriate kit to staff, is that they are proud of their equipment and really feel more valued and appreciated in their positions.

Long-Term Partners

Host Logic has been a key partner to Anna Valley for many years and are proud to provide services to such an employee-focused and forward-thinking company.  We are a pivotal ally in supporting Anna Valley’s technological aspirations and ensure that their IT fully supports their business runs as smoothly as possible.