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    Voice, also known as telephony has gone through a lot of change over the last ten years. New options are available to you when the time comes to upgrade your existing system.

    We provide voice solutions to cater for any SME. Our solutions range from traditional (hardware on-site) to cloud-based (no hardware on-site). A variety of handsets is available including regular handsets, headset, conference phones and mobile devices. We supply call plans for all of our solutions as well as SIP trunks and more.

    We will help you select a solution that is best suited to your business.

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  • Some of Our Voice Services

  • Traditional - PBX

    We install hardware at your site with our traditional phone solution. It must be located close to existing cabling usually in your comms room in most instances. We use equipment from both Avaya and ShoreTel, based on the best fit for your business. Users will get a traditional handset, but extras like headsets or touchpads are added as needed. We supply Polycom phones for conference or meeting rooms as they just work.

  • Cloud | Skype for Business

    Skype for Business is a complete communication solution. We use it in conjunction with traditional handsets, Polycom phones and modern headsets. We use Skype for Business as a direct replacement for an existing telephone system. Many clients take this opportunity to improve their user workspaces. Replace their tired handsets with more modern headsets. We have found it works very well with laptop workers. A headset can easily fit in a bag. Proving a great office telephone solution whilst on the move. Skype for Business supports unified messaging, direct SIP and gateway interoperability with PBX systems.

  • Cloud | PBX

    Cloud PBX takes the burden of telephone hardware away from your site. It provides your business with a solution capable of serving hundreds of employees with minimal outlay. By switching to one of our cloud PBX solution you can immediately benefit. The solutions are reliable, flexible and could save you money.

    Our cloud PBX is ideal if you require: a complete and easy to use communications system for your business.

    We can provide everything you need to migrate your telephony to the cloud.