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  • The Cloud

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    The cloud is one of the most exciting platforms for SMEs today. We use it to provide solutions that are reliable and secure. It allows us to predict IT costs and simplify budgets. It can even remove the need for on-site servers. Email, backup, and disaster recovery are ideally suited to this platform. If you have questions about the cloud, contact us for clear advice.

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  • Some of Our Cloud Services

  • Office 365

    Office 365 is one of the best cloud services available for SMEs. It contains a vast range of products that can replace on-site hardware or hosted solutions. Many businesses choose to move their email to Office 365.

    It is a good way to start your journey to the cloud. We use tried and tested methodologies that allow us to migrate any email platform to Office 365. We are email migration specialists and have the expertise to get you to your cloud without issue.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Azure is a Microsoft platform that enables us to provision services in the cloud. After creating a base cloud infrastructure for your business. We pick and choose the services that will best serve your IT needs. These can we a little or a lot depending on your IT goals.

    Azure is so powerful it can be used to replace all of your on-site servers. Many customers choose to migrate their backup solution first. There are many benefits to services away from the office. Let us help you understand them all.

  • Microsoft Intune

    Microsoft Intune provides businesses with device, application and PC management from the cloud. We can allow your employees to access your corporate applications and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device.

    Using secure policies, we can remote wipe corporate data from devices if they are lost or stolen. We can push new applications or settings to computers and phones. Intune provides greater control of all the devices used by your business.

  • Active Directory Federation

    When expanding to a cloud solution, it is important we define your requirements for user authentication. It is important when your users log into an existing environment as well as any new cloud ones.

    We will help you to understand and select a solution that is right for you. It could be password synchronisation or a more complex federated solution. Our consultants will make sure you know the pros and cons of each solution.

    Our federation solutions include but are not limited to ADFS, Okta and Ping