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  • Infrastructure

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    Infrastructure is the core of reliable IT system. When it is not working correctly, it affects all areas of your business. We created our services with this in mind. The best way to maintain a content system is to proactive approach its upkeep. We deal with small issues before they become significant problems. We use industry leading tools to monitor the health of your network and associated services which provides a clear overview and allows us to stay one step ahead.

  • Some of Our Networking Services

  • Health Check

    A healthy network is a happy network. Our system health check has you covered.

    We provide networking health checks to confirm your system is performing as it should be. All health checks include a report that outlines areas of concern and recommended steps to resolve them. It's like a doctors appointment for your business network.

  • Security Testing

    We use industry leading tools to provide network security testing. It gives you a valuable insight and confirms you're as safe as you think you are.

    Testing for known exploits and weaknesses in your network and or websites. We provide solutions to resolve any issues outlined in the report.

  • Wireless

    We provide robust wireless solutions that enable your staff to work efficiently throughout your office. Our solutions are secure and can keep will keep your business and personal devices separated.

    During a wireless installation, we complete a site survey. It provides us with the correct numbers to guarantee a suitable quality of service. We scan for local interference and plan your wireless around these obstacles.

    We can shape your wireless network to cover specific areas of your office and meet your exact needs.

  • Fault Finding

    Do you keep getting disconnected, can't access your data or the system just slow these days?

    We can help you get the most out of your current environment. Sometimes we find the right pieces are in place, just put together wrong, resulting in recurring issues.

    When your system is working well, users can get more done and stress is reduced.