Project Description


Company Background

Lansgrove are a Main Contractor who specialise in building and developing Super Prime properties in London’s West End. They are a passionate bunch, developing and delivering exclusive projects to the highest of standards, without exception. Lansgrove was founded in 2014, they currently turnover £12m a year, employ 27 staff across two offices and a range of live sites, and they continue to grow on a steady trajectory.

Partners from the Start

Host Logic has been Lansgrove’s IT partner from the start.  As an ambitious start-up, the team at Lansgrove knew where they wanted to get to, but needed a sustainable long-term and scalable IT plan underpinning it.

Like we do with all our projects, we thoroughly interrogated Lansgrove’s business requirements and aligned it an IT plan which ensures they can do business wherever they are, interact and share large amounts of data with their clients seamlessly, while keeping all their sensitive data safe and secure.

Security at the Centre

Host-Logic grew Lansgrove’s security infrastructure with encryption, endpoint security, data-leak prevention and multi-factor authentication across the entire business.  This ensures all information stays safe and secure and can be remotely wiped in case devices are lost or stolen.

An Untethered Business

We built Lansgrove’s entire IT infrastructure around the fact that they do business outside of the offices a lot.  A cloud-based phone system allows them to make and receive phone calls on their mobile devices as if they are in the office.

All data and project information are cloud-based and available at their fingertips wherever they may be.  Our data security models ensure data stays safe and secure in any circumstance.

Data-loss Prevention

Office 365 provides recovery options over a short time-period but does not protect files long term.  Sometimes, a file is inadvertently deleted and may not be discovered until months of years after its loss.

We provide Lansgrove with a Cloud-to-Cloud backup solution which maintains daily backups and unlimited retention, allowing them to recover files from years back, should they ever need to.

Reliable Equipment

Our clients’ business needs always come first and equipment which will not let you down is key.  We’ve seen other businesses opt for a one-size-fits-all approach to save money on bulk purchases of standard business machines.  These have a high failure rate and cause business downtime at very inopportune moments.

We chose equipment and infrastructure necessary to run business operations to the highest standard and provide end-users with brand names we use ourselves.  The Lansgrove team have an image to uphold and walking into a business meeting with work-appropriate kit shows clients they mean business.

A Bright Future

As Lansgrove’s IT partner for over 5 years, we are proud to say that they have never experienced any service-related problems and are very happy with the solutions and equipment we’ve provided them.  The IT strategy we provided them initially is still a viable and solid base on which we build as the business grows.