Welcome to the Host Logic IT Blog for June 2017

This blog is part of a series designed to showcase our methods of providing total IT security to protect against modern-day nasties like ransomware. Today we are discussing “Block It – Patch Management” which focuses on one layer of workstation protection. We cover what ransomware is, what it does, what not to do and how patch management can help you avoid becoming a victim.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software that has been designed with one purpose: to extract money from its victims.

What it does

Ransomware “locks” your data, holding it ransom until large sums of money are handed over. The attacker promises to “unlock” your data once your money has been handed over.

What not to do!

If you find your data being held to ransom, do not pay. Often attackers won’t have the required information to undo the damage they have done. Keys are required to encrypt and decrypt your data and there is no way to verify the attacker has both available. You also raise the chance of being targeted again and again, becoming a “known paying target” and will likely be added to a distribution list for future attacks. First – check your backup!

Avoid becoming a victim

One of the ways you can protect yourself against these threats is by simply staying up to date. The recent WannaCry outbreak which caused the NHS and other businesses a great deal of grief was due to out of date workstations. You may not be aware but patches were released months prior to the outbreak which would have reduced if not stopped the threat in its tracks.

As part of our total security solutions we maintain proactive patch management. This is provided FREE to every support contract client. It ensures that every supported workstation is up to date with the latest critical and security patches. We complete patching regularly and force updates within a specified patch window to ensure nothing slips through the net.

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