Office 365 is a monster product, which requires regular maintenance to keep your business safe.

Times change and so do IT requirements. What was once common, may no longer be best practice. Do you know if your Office 365 tenant is being properly maintained?

Host Logic proactively manages our client environments, making sure all systems are updated according to evolving industry best practice. We guarantee our clients remain safe in the modern IT world.

Today’s blog relates specifically to email protocols and our recommendation to turn off that, which is no longer suitable. Protocols such as POP and IMAP do not support modern authentication and leaving them enabled (historically the Office 365 default) leaves your Office 365 identity at high risk. Disabling these protocols and using modern authentication methods which leverage technologies like Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) will keep you safe.

Don’t wait! make sure your Office 365 tenant is audited today.

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