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You may have noticed that we have been away from our blog for a little while. We have been busy helping our lovely clients obtain IT greatness whilst also creating a number of new solutions, which will be found on our website soon.

This blog is part of an identity management series designed to showcase our methods of providing total IT security to protect against modern-day threats. Today we are discussing: “2FA” which is part of the identity management puzzle. We discuss how it can be used to enhance the security of almost any IT system or application.


2FA = Two Factor Authentication | Platform = IT system or application

What is identity management?

Identity management, also known as identity and access management is, in computer security, the security and business discipline that “enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons.

What is 2FA?

2FA is a process of granting access to a given platform using two steps of verification. Most people use single-factor authentication daily when using their password. 2FA works with your existing security to provide an additional layer of protection.

What is the difference between 2FA and MFA?

You may have heard of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). 2FA and MFA are basically the same thing with MFA being three or more steps of verification.

Why are passwords not good enough?

Passwords are under attack from all directions. Sophisticated attacks from cyber criminals matched with the growing numbers of private information readily available via social media or internet searches mean password are easier than ever to crack. But your company enforces complex passwords? Do you you know how your staff remember their passwords? Written down in a book or saved to Excel spreadsheet? Password refresh rates or complexity won’t always save you.

2FA to the rescue!

2FA adds protection to your existing platform, commonly requested examples: Office 365, VPN, RDS or any core application).

What it does

Users are required to authenticate using two separate methods, normally a password and a secondary device (mobile app or key). The criminals are not be able access your system with a password alone. Attempts will generate a notification to yourself and your IT team.

What if my 2FA device is stolen along with my password?

Our 2FA solution includes policies that allow us to block a 2FA devices at any time. We can also prevent access outside of normal business hours or based on geographical location if required.

How do I get started with 2FA?

Host Logic provides complete solutions for 2FA. We audit your environment, complete all installations and integrations before deploying and fully training your staff.

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