• Backup

    backup & disaster recovery surrey

    A reliable backup is one of the most important parts of a successful system and is a requirements of any business. Disaster Recovery (DR) is suited to businesses that need to guarantee their service availability which is the majority these days. Our solutions are your knight in shining armour when all else fails. We provide on-premise and cloud solutions to suit any business.

  • Some of Our Backup and DR Services

  • Collect and Protect

    Collect and Protect is a service for businesses that still maintain on-premise backup solutions using removable media like tapes drives. Once we verify the removable media contains authenticated copies of your data it is ready for storage. We collect your media and move it to our secure vault until the next rotation. A perfect solution to combat fire and theft.

  • Contingent

    A cloud-based data backup solution for workstations and servers. Contingent protects your critical data by maintaining a copy of your data in the cloud. As part of this solution we will work with you to confirm the data backup requirement and associated costs. All data is securely stored using military grade encryption and your data can be quickly recovered to the same or alternate location of choice.

  • Replicant

    An on premise or cloud based replication of your data. Providing instant recovery of recent and historical information. We work with you to identify your key systems allowing us to build a solution that is fit for purpose.

  • Safe Site

    Safe Site provides an insurance policy against large scale failures like an entire site going down. We automate the failover of your primary servers to a secure cloud-based platform. Allowing you to carry on working as normal whilst the issues are resolved.